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Start-up and Operational Procedures
Installation of the TYCO Nitrogen Generator and air compressor requires eight (8) steps: 1. Mount the nitrogen generator cabinet in the appropriate location
2. Mount the air compressor in the appropriate location
3. Connect the dedicated power supply to the nitrogen generator cabinet
4. Connect the dedicated power supply to the air compressor
5. Plumb the air supply line between the air compressor and the nitrogen generator
6. Plumb the nitrogen/air supply line to the dry pipe and/or preaction sprinkler risers being served 7. Plumb the condensate drain line to floor drain or building exterior
8. Connect nitrogen generator output signals to BMS or fire alarm system, where applicable
NOTE: Review and follow air compressor manufacturer’s published instructions to ensure proper installation of the air compressor.
Wire Gauge Chart
1. Ensure an appropriately rated disconnect switch and circuit breaker (minimum 15 Amps and a SCCR of 5 kVA) are installed in a suitable and accessible location in accordance with the applicable national and/or local codes (i.e. NFPA 70).
2. The circuit breaker and disconnect are to be easily identifiable as associated with the equipment.
Ensure the ground wire is properly connected to the ground terminal(s) of the equipment using appropriately sized ground wire.
  Wire Gauge Chart
   60° C (140° F)
   75° C (167° F)
   90° C (194° F)
   (Ohms / 1,000 ft)
   (Ohms / km)
   18 16 14 12 10 8
Step 1:
151515 202020 303030 364348
.0403 1.024 6.385 .0508 1.291 4.016 .0641 1.628 2.525 .0808 2.053 1.588 .1019 2.588 .9989 .1285 3.264 .6282
20.95 13.17 8.282 5.211 3.277 2.061
                                                Mounting the nitrogen generator cabinet
The TYCO Nitrogen Generator is designed to be mounted directly to the floor and/or the wall at the appropriate location. Several factors should be considered in choosing the proper mounting location for the nitrogen generator:
· Access to required power supply (dedicated circuit)
· Access to sprinkler risers being supplied from nitrogen generator
· Access to drain for the condensate discharge line
· Clearance in front of the unit to open the cabinet door and for servicing the equipment · Cleanliness of the environment and air intake
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