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Step 6c: Plumb the Nitrogen/Air Supply Line – With House/Plant Air Supply (Figure 3c)
A separate house/plant air supply can be used as a back up to the nitrogen generator. In this application, the nitrogen/air discharge plumbing from the TYCO Nitrogen Generator and the separate hose/plant air supply are connected to the dry pipe or preaction valve trim with isolation ball valves in each supply line using a minimum 1⁄2” black steel, galvanized steel, or copper lines. The size of the nitrogen/air supply line must be based on both the length of pipe between the nitrogen generator and fire sprinkler systems and the total volume of fire sprinkler systems being supplied.
The TYCO Nitrogen Generator requires an in-line Air Maintenance Device (AMD) such as the TYCO AMD-1 which is equipped with an on-board field adjustable pressure regulator for each sprinkler system being served.
House/Plant Air Supply Isolation Ball Valve
Air Supply Line
Air/Nitrogen Supply Line
               Air/Nitrogen Supply Line
Dry Pipe/Preaction System Control Valve
 Nitrogen Generator/Air Compressor
 Figure 3c
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