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Step 7: Plumb the Condensate Drain Line
The TYCO Nitrogen Generator will occasionally discharge a small amount of condensate water from the coalescing filters inside the cabinet.
The air compressor will discharge a small amount of condensate water periodically from the air receiver tank auto-drain. The condensate water discharge time and frequency are based on the settings of the auto-drain. Depending on region, the auto-drain requires 120VAC or 220VAC unswitched power supply and can be connected to the same power supply as the nitrogen generator. Ensure the auto-drain is connected and the power supply is active.
Step 8:
Set the discharge frequency (OFF Time) to twenty (20) minutes and the discharge time (ON Time) to ten (10) seconds. Adjust as necessary.
It is recommended that the 1⁄4” drain connection be plumbed to a floor drain or building exterior. When plumbing to a drain is not feasible an evaporative collection chamber can be used.
System Signals and Monitoring, where used
The nitrogen generator cabinet has two (2) system signals and five (5) outputs that can be monitored by the facility’s building management system (BMS) or fire alarm system.
Two (2) system signals:
• Bypass Alarm - The nitrogen generator operating in the bypass mode which is activated when the bypass valve is in the “fast fill” position to fill the fire sprinkler system and the air supplied directly from the air compressor has reached a pressure of 20 psig (1.4 bar).
(Flashing Amber Light)
• Leak Monitor - The nitrogen generator is equipped with a leak monitor audible signal which is activated when the nitrogen generator runs excessively. (Audible Signal)
Five (5) system output signals for monitoring through a building monitoring system, if desired:
• Nitrogen Generator Running Mode - Form C Contacts (Energized When Running, LED On)
• Bypass Mode Alarm - Form C Contacts (Normally De-Energized, LED Off)
• Nitrogen Generator Loss of Power - Form C Contacts (Normally Energized, LED On)
• Leak Monitoring - Form C Contacts (Normally De-Energized, LED Off)
• Nitrogen System Supply Line Pressure - Analog Signal
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