Page 37 - NG-1 1150, NG-1 1500, NG-1 2000, NG-1 3000 - Stand-Alone Nitrogen Generator System Installation Manual
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 TYCO Dry SMART Vent Assembly
    In-Line Filter HOUSING
Backpressure Regulator
Restricted Venting Orifice
Connection To Sprinkler System
   Float Valve
     Gas Sampling Port
    “Y” Strainer with Ball Valve
In-Line Filter Assembly
Filter Housing
1⁄2” Quick Connect
Isolation Ball Valve
     TYCO SMART Dry Vent Installation Schematic
Vent Assembly
Wiring Harness Installed in Conduit
Control Box
Mounted to Adjacent Wall
Nitrogen Supply
        Pressure Relief Valve
Fire Sprinkler Riser
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