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US. PAT. NO. 9,095,736
General Description
The TYCO In-Line Corrosion Detector (TILD) is designed to provide an early warning indication of internal corrosion activity in water-based fire sprinkler systems. The device is designed to be installed where corrosion is most likely to occur: the air/water interface. A cross-section of the device shows the two key attributes that allow for early detection of corrosion: an externally milled section of the pipe that creates a “thin wall” section and a pressure chamber created by an external sleeve welded over the pipe. The thin wall section of the device will fail before other system piping to provide an early warning indication. The TYCO In-Line Corrosion Detector is equipped with a pressure switch to monitor the pressure chamber. The TYCO In-Line Corrosion Detector can be remotely monitored through a buildings monitoring system, or locally through the TYCO Remote Test Station (TRTI), which is included with the TILD.
  Specifications Model Number:
Service Pressure: Temp. Rating: Elec. Connection: Pipe Size:
Pipe Schedule: Pipe Material:
175 psi
-40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 49°C) dry contact
1.25 in. – 8 in.
Sch. 10 or Sch. 40
Black Steel or Galvanized
      Pressure Chamber
Pressure Switch
“Thin Wall” Milled Section
    Installation Instructions
The TYCO In-Line Corrosion Detector is manufactured as a spool of piping with roll grooved ends for easy insertion into the fire sprinkler piping using standard mechanical couplings (supplied by others). All models of the TYCO In-Line Corrosion Detectors are eighteen (18) inches in length. The variety of pipe schedules and metal are listed in the table under ordering information.
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