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Model Number: Sensor Type: Electrical Connection:
Signal Output:
Output Display: Resolution: Accuracy:
Sample Connection: Dimensions:
Zirconium Dioxide
120-240VAC, 50-60 Hz/.5A 24VDC/2A
0-5VDC linear output
4-20mA linear output
%O2 or %N2
1dp (nn.n%)
5/32” nylon tubing quick connect
8.0 in. (W) X 6.0 in. (D) X 10.0 in. (H) (203mm (W) X 152mm (D) X 254mm (H))
   For use under U.S. Patent 9,144,700 and 9,186,533
General Description
The TYCO SMART Gas Analyzer provides a continuous real-time monitoring of nitrogen/oxygen concentration levels within a dry pipe or preaction fire sprinkler system. The analyzer samples discharge gas from an adjacent TYCO TAV-D Vent or TSV-D SMART Vent. The gas flows out of a restricted orifice on the vent through pressure-rated tubing to provide slow, controlled flow to the analyzer. One TSGA analyzer is recommended with each TYCO Nitrogen Generation System.
The TSGA has many different functions. It is equipped with a programmable contact closure for one of three different oxygen concentration levels (1%, 3%, and 5%), which will provide early warning to a user when the nitrogen concentration within the fire sprinkler system falls below the desired level. The TSGA is also equipped with an RS-485 port for optional remote control and monitoring. The TSGA can also display either oxygen or nitrogen concentration.
The TSGA is equipped to protect itself from damage, and also let the user know if the sensor is in poor health. Five minutes after the sensor is powered on, it begins a self-diagnostic protocol. If at this time the O2 level is below .3%, the alarm relay will energize, and the sensor will automatically shut itself down. It will reboot automatically after 24 hours and resume reading gas concentration levels. Pumping at extremely low oxygen levels can eventually cause damage to the sensor. If the sensor detects rapid deviation in oxygen content it will signal an error and energize the alarm relay without shutting down.
Installation Notes
1. When connecting the TSGA Gas Analyzer to a fire sprinkler system using the TAV-D Vent, a dedicated TAV-D Vent is required to provide a continuous gas stream to analyze. The muffler in the TAV-D must be removed and replaced with a 5/32” push-connect fitting.
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