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Allow one (1) minute for the THGA to stabilize, verify and document reading on THGA (nitrogen level should be approximately 98%). If nitrogen level from generator is below 96%, contact Johnson Controls.
 Sampling Hose
Calibration Button
     Power On Button
 Quick Disconnect
 Handheld Gas Analyzer - Factors Influencing Accurate Readings
1. Elevation changes will affect the accuracy of the nitrogen purity readings. The deviation of the nitrogen purity can be approximately 1% per 250 feet of elevation.
a. Calibration of the instrument should be performed when elevation at which the product used changes more than 500 feet.
2. Temperature effects the accuracy of the nitrogen purity readings. The gas analyzer will hold calibration and correctly read nitrogen purity ±3% when thermal equilibrium within the operating temperature range. The device must be thermally stable when calibrated and allowed to thermally stabilize after experiencing temperature changes before readings are accurate.
a. For best results, perform the calibration procedure at a temperature close to the temperature where analysis will occur.
b. Allow adequate time for the sensor to equilibrate to a new ambient temperature.
CAUTION: “CAL Err St” may result from a sensor that has not reached thermal equilibrium.
Nitrogen Generator Leak Monitor Adjustment Procedure
The nitrogen generator leak monitor configuration can be verified by checking the settings of the leak monitor alarm module in the nitrogen generator cabinet (See Generator Configuration Diagram).
1. Locate the Leak Monitor (Finder) Module in the nitrogen generator
2. Verify the module scale setting (white control) is set to ‘24h’
3. Verify the module timer setting (blue control) is set to ‘4’
4. If needed, a small flathead screwdriver can be used to adjust the controls.
NOTE: If adjustment needed, turn controls fully clockwise and then counter-clockwise before setting at the identified positions.
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