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Stand-Alone Nitrogen Generator Filter Replacement Kit Installation Instructions
(Filter Replacement Kit for NG-1 1150/1500/2000/3000 Nitrogen Generator Cabinet) Kit Contents:
5-Micron Coalescing Filter         Right Filter Housing 1
1-Micron Coalescing Filter     Center-Left Filter Housing 1
.01-Micron Coalescing Filter     Left Filter Housing 1
*Water Separator should be inspected and cleaned during any filter change.
NOTE: Before beginning the filter replacement process, ensure all internal components are cool to the
touch. Components can be very hot after long run cycles and can present risk of injury. Replacement Guide:
1. Isolate nitrogen generator by closing inlet and outlet valves.
2. Drain air pressure from unit by slowly opening air bleed-off valve adjacent to the filter assembly.
3. Remove filter housing of 5-Micron Coalescing Filter Housing by pulling down on blue housing lock and turning filter housing counter-clockwise.
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