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The cabinet includes a wall mounting bracket with pre-punched holes using standard anchors.
17/64” (6.75mm) Diameter
4.00” (102mm)
      22.25” (565mm) – NG-1 100/250 26.25” (667mm) – NG-1 500
Figure 1a
Ensure the wall is structurally sound and the cabinet is firmly anchored to a wall to support the generator cabinet
The cabinet includes anchoring holes in the lower left and lower right corners of the cabinet using standard anchors (See Figure 1b).
Johnson Controls recommends that the nitrogen generator be anchored to the wall using the wall mounting bracket and the anchoring holes in the nitrogen generator cabinet.
Nitrogen Generator Cabinet
       Rear Wall Bracket
9/32” (6.75mm) Diameter
        Figure 1b
 Step 2:
Power Supply
The TYCO Nitrogen Generator requires a dedicated power supply to prevent interaction with other equipment. The incoming power supply line is connected to the top of the terminal blocks inside the nitrogen generator cabinet. The terminal connections are labeled L1, N, and G.
Required nitrogen generator power supply:
• 120VAC/1 phase/60Hz (220-240VAC/1 phase/50Hz) dedicated 20 amp circuit.
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