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Safety Guidelines
The manual contains safety information that is important to know and understand. The information is provided for the safety of the installers, operators and users of the TYCO Nitrogen Generation Systems, as well as the nitrogen generation equipment.
The Installation and Operations Manual that is supplied with each nitrogen generation system must be read thoroughly and be completely understood prior to installing and operating the TYCO Nitrogen Generation System. All appropriate safety standards for the handling of gases as determined by local, state or national laws and regulations are to be followed at all times.
General Safety Information
IMPORTANT: Read all the safety information in the manual prior to operating the equipment. Use of the equipment in a manner not specified within the manual could impair the protection provided by the nitrogen generation system and could result in an unintended release of pressure which could cause serious injury or damage. Only qualified personnel can perform commissioning, servicing and repair procedures.
When handling, installing, or operating the nitrogen generation equipment, the personnel must employ safe engineering practices and observe all related local, state and national regulations, health, and safety procedures, and legal requirements for safety.
Ensure the nitrogen generation equipment is depressurized and electrically isolated, before performing any maintenance or troubleshooting instructions specified in this manual.
The warnings covered in this manual are the most known potential hazards, but by definition cannot be all-inclusive. If the user employs an operating procedure, item of equipment, or method of working that is not specifically recommended by Johnson Controls, the user must ensure that the equipment will not be damaged or become hazardous to any persons or property.
Cautions and Warnings
CAUTION: Do not install the TYCO Nitrogen Generator or Air Compressor Package in an area where ammonia, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, chlorides, chlorine, oxides of nitrogen, acid fumes, solvent vent vapors, and ozone vapors or similar contaminates exist. The equipment can be damaged by ammonia and other vapors shortening membrane life.
WARNING: Do not operate the TYCO Nitrogen Generation System if damaged during shipment, handling or use. Damage could result in injury or property damage.
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