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6. Push knob back into regulator until it clicks into place.
7. Verify the timer settings inside the electric control box. The settings should be as follows: mode set to ‘E’, scale set to ‘20, 30, 40, 50, 60’, range set to ‘10h’, and timer knob set to ‘35’. If needed, a small flathead screwdriver can be used to make the timer setting adjustments.
8. Once the TYCO Nitrogen Generator System has been commissioned, open the isolation ball valve on the vent assembly, turn the green power switch on the electric control box to the ON position and push the orange VENT button. The button should now be illuminated.
9. The TYCO SMART Dry Vent is now open and actively purging oxygen from the fire sprinkler system. It will remain open for approximately fourteen (14) days. The orange VENT button will turn off when the vent is closed.
10. If the sprinkler system actuates or another event introduces oxygen to the sprinkler system press the orange VENT button to restart the purging cycle.
 TYCO Dry SMART Vent Control Box
   TSV-D 120VAC/60Hz Wiring Diagram TSV-D 230VAC/50Hz Wiring Diagram
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