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Battery Test and Replacement
1. Depress Amber LED Push Button. If Amber LED does not illuminate, battery replacement is required.
2. Remove Remote Test Station from electrical mounting box, remove four (4) back cover screws, remove two (2) 2032 batteries from battery holder.
3. Replace Battery with two (2) Energizer Part No. CR2032 Only*, re-install battery holder in backbox, reinstall back cover with four (4) screws and reinstall Remote Test Station in electrical mounting box.
* Use Of Another Battery May Present A risk Of Fire Or Explosion.
CAUTION: Battery May Explode if Mistreated. Do Not Recharge, Disassemble Or Dispose Of In Fire
These cells are intended for use at ordinary temperatures where anticipated high temperature excursions are not expected to exceed 100o C (212o F)
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