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4. With the incoming power off, connect the incoming 120-240VAC 50/60 Hz power supply to block “J6”.
5. Select the appropriate gas concentration level to be displayed on the TSGA using 1 of Switch 1. Nitrogen (N2) or Oxygen (O2).
Note: N2 is recommended
6. When monitoring and a (N.O.) contact closure required, connect to the “Over” contacts on block
J5 (J5-1 & J5-2).
a. If a LOW Nitrogen (N2)/HIGH Oxygen (O2) percentage alarm is desired, select the correspondingO2 concentrationlevelusingdip2,3or4ofSwitch1toenergizethe“OVER” relay output.
b. Dip 2 of Switch 1 (5%) is recommended.
7. When monitoring and an analog output is required, connect positive lead to AOUT+ (J4-1) and negative lead to AOUT– (J4-2).
a. Turn on dip 1 of Switch 2 to select 4-20mA output.
b. Use dip 2 of Switch 2 to select 5V (for 0-5V) or 10V (for 0-10V).
8. If RS-485 remote control/monitoring is desired, connect RS-485 leads to D+ (J4-4), D- (J4-5) and DGND (J4-6).
Alarm Bypass While Nitrogen Inerting Feature
The “Over” contacts can be bypassed from transmitting a low nitrogen signal to the building monitoring system during the 14-day nitrogen inerting process when the TSGA is used in conjunction with the TSV-D SMART Vent.
1. Connect the spare normally closed (NC) contacts (terminals 8 and 11) in the TSV-D SMART Vent Controller with the normally open (NO) contacts of the TSGA-Terminals J5-1 and J5-2.
2. Connect the output of the TSGA and TSV-D to the building monitoring system.
3. Connect the building monitoring system’s end-of-line supervision device (if needed)
Operating Instructions
1. Once unit is verified to be wired correctly, power unit on. The status LED light will repeatedly flash green two times quickly for two (2) minutes. The sensor heater is warming up during this period.
2. After the two-minute warm-up period, the sensor and status LED light will flash green one time repeatedly indicating normal operation. At this time, the display will show the current average concentration of the feed gas.
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