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PC Board Wiring Diagram
Inerting Bypass Wiring Diagram
 Block J6
AC - L1 AC - N
Block J5
Block J4
A Out + A Out -
8 11
E-O-L Supervision Device
J5-1 J5-2
TSV-D Connections
TSGA “Over” Connections
Building Monitoring System
  The TYCO Model TSGA SMART Gas Analyzer is factory calibrated to read a 20.9% oxygen level. As elevation increases, the density of the Oxygen molecules in the air decreases. Decreased Oxygen molecules in the air can cause the SMART Gas Analyzer to display slight inaccuracies in the displayed Oxygen/Nitrogen percentage concentration value.
Note: Please contact Johnson Controls before any calibration adjustment
To recalibrate the SMART Gas Analyzer:
1. Allow SMART Gas Analyzer to sample fresh compressed air for a minimum of 10-minutes.
2. Switch N2/O2 switch (SW 1-1) to “O2” position.
3. If Digital Display Not Reading approximately 20.9%, switch “CAL” switch (SW 2-4) to CAL position.
4. Allow SMART Gas Analyzer to remain in “Calibration Mode” and sample the gas for a minimum of
10-minutes to allow SMART Gas Analyzer to re-calibrate.
5. Switch “CAL” switch (SW 2-4) to “Off” position.
6. Verify digital display is reading approximately 20.9%.
7. Switch N2/O2 switch (SW 1-1) to “N2” position
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