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Dry Pipe Nitrogen Inerting (DPNI)
Dry Pipe Nitrogen Inerting technology is used to control oxygen corrosion in dry pipe and/or preaction fire sprinkler systems. DPNI is executed by employing a “fill and purge” differential pressure cycle (breathing) within the sprinkler pipe network. The “fill and purge” pressure cycle consists of venting the system pressure by 3-5 psi (.2-.3 bar), followed by replacing the vented pressure back into the system. This breathing process uses a nitrogen rich gas stream, typically 98% or greater, for a specific length of time (typically 14 days or less), until a nitrogen-rich, or inert, atmosphere exists within the sprinkler pipe network. By changing the atmosphere inside the pipe network to 98% or higher nitrogen content, the available oxygen content is reduced to a level that will not allow appreciable corrosion of the fire sprinkler pipe. With the level of oxygen corrosion reduced to near zero the effective life of the fire sprinkler system is greatly extended. Systems that implement a DPNI corrosion control strategy should never develop leaks when maintained properly.
Dry Pipe Nitrogen Inerting Equipment Pre-Engineered Nitrogen Generator
The TYCO Pre-Engineered Nitrogen Generator is a wall mounted, “plug and play” on-site nitrogen generation system that is designed to be installed in-line to the fire sprinkler system riser(s) in dry pipe and preaction fire sprinkler systems. The TYCO Pre-Engineered Nitrogen Generator includes an oil-less compressor within the nitrogen generator cabinet. The cabinet includes a 3-way ball valve and outlet connection to the fire sprinkler system(s). The 3-way valve allows for the air compressor in the nitrogen generator to be used for maintenance or sprinkler system “fast fill” needs. The TYCO Pre-Engineered Nitrogen Generator has been sized with an air compressor to meet the NFPA 13 30-minute fill requirement for dry pipe fire sprinkler systems based on the criteria defined in the Technical Specifications Section. In applications outside of the defined criteria, a separate air compressor can be used to meet the NFPA 13 30-minute fill requirement. The TYCO Pre-Engineered Nitrogen Generator facilitates “fill and purge” breathing in the fire sprinkler system and has been paired with a TYCO Manual Vent (TAV-D) or a TYCO SMART Vent (TSV-D) installed on the fire sprinkler riser.
Nitrogen Generator Features
The TYCO nitrogen generators with the “fill and purge” breathing technology include the following features:
• Removal of corrosive oxygen from the entire sprinkler system in fourteen (14) days or less
• All equipment is installed in the sprinkler riser room for easier installation and servicing
• No refrigerated dryers or nitrogen storage tanks required
• Nitrogen generation system monitoring
• Membrane separation technology with 20-year service life
• Minimal maintenance requirements
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