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Verify and document that no leaks exist in the nitrogen generator, air compressor supply line and fire sprinkler supply line:  Yes  No
Verify and document air inlet and nitrogen outlet ball valves are in the open position; and the air bypass ball valve is in the closed position with the nitrogen generator in the nitrogen generation position:
Yes No
Oxygen Removal Vents – TAV-D / TSV-D
Verify and document the appropriate orifices for each venting device are available:  Yes  No NOTE: Ensure the appropriate orifice is installed in the appropriate vent for each fire sprinkler system.
The restricted venting orifice size is determined by the sprinkler system capacity (gallons). The restricted venting orifice ensures the oxygen removal process is completed in all fire sprinkler systems within the same approximate timeframe and within fourteen (14) days.
TAV-D Oxygen Removal Vent
Verify and document the model and serial number of each oxygen removal vent installed:  Yes  No
Determine the pressure setting of the backpressure regulator of oxygen removal vent
1. The backpressure regulator setting must be below the cut-in or turn-on pressure of the nitrogen generator and above the low air alarm pressure of the fire sprinkler system.
Verify and document the appropriate orifice in the oxygen removal vent:  Yes  No
Adjust the backpressure regulator setting on the oxygen removal vent:
1. Open and close the isolation ball valve on the oxygen removal vent to determine the pressure setting of the backpressure regulator.
2. Pull the knob out from the regulator to adjust pressure setting. Turn the knob clockwise to raise the pressure, counter-clockwise to lower the pressure.
3. Repeat process until desired pressure setting is achieved.
NOTE: This process can only be performed when fire sprinkler system is at normal operating pressure.
4. Once the desired pressure has been obtained on the backpressure regulator, push the knob onto the regulator until it clicks into place.
Verify and document the backpressure regulator set point: Verify and document isolation ball valve left in open position:
___________  Yes  No
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