Page 60 - NG-1 100, NG-1 250, NG-1 500 - Wall-Mounted Nitrogen Generator System Installation Manual
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Step 14:
Step 15: Step 16:
Slowly depressurize the sprinkler system(s) individually to the cut-in (turn-on) pressure where the generator turns on and verify:
• The pressure setting on the AMD and sprinkler system air pressure gauge when the
nitrogen generator turns on.
• That a low air alarm is not received on any fire sprinkler system supplied by the nitrogen
generator prior to the nitrogen generator turning on.
• The nitrogen generator fills the sprinkler system(s) to the appropriate operating pressure
and then turns off.
Confirm all AMD fast fill (bypass) valve(s) are closed and the regulated valve(s) are open on all the system AMD(s).
Open all valves to the accelerators on the sprinkler systems (if installed).
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