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NOTE: The 1-Micron and .01-Micron Filters do not include black plastic filter plate and screw directly into the top of the housing.
.01-Micron Coalescing 1-Micron Coalescing 5-Micron Coalescing
 7. Inspect Water Separator (NG-1 500 Only)
a. Removing drain tube from water separator housing by simultaneously pushing up on the hose collar of the push fitting and pulling down on the hose.
b. Remove the filter housing by turning housing counter-clockwise.
c. To remove water separator element, pull down on orange element.
d. Inspect and clean water separator as necessary.
   8. Re-assemble water separator (NG-1 500 Only)
a. Re-install water separator element by pushing element up into the housing.
b. Re-install the filter housing by turning housing clockwise
c. Re-install drain tube into water separator housing until tube is seated into the housing.
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