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The TILD is placed at strategic locations within the fire sprinkler piping network where corrosion has the highest potential of occurring.
• Wet Systems - The TILD is located in high point of the sprinkler system, typically at the air/water interface in a branch line, where air will be trapped as the system is filled with water.
• Dry Systems - The TILD is located in a horizontal portion of the supply main piping where trapped water will accumulate.
SMART Gas Analyzer
The TYCO SMART Gas Analyzer provides continuous real-time nitrogen/oxygen concentration levels within a dry pipe or preaction fire sprinkler system. The analyzer samples discharge gas from an adjacent TYCO TAV-D Vent or TSV-D SMART Vent. It is equipped with programmable outputs for one of three different oxygen concentration levels (1%, 3%, and 5%), providing early warning to a user when the nitrogen concentration within the fire sprinkler system falls below the desired level. The TSGA is also equipped with an RS-485 port for optional remote control and monitoring and can also display either oxygen or nitrogen concentration.
Handheld Gas Analyzer
The TYCO handheld gas analyzer allows for quick, convenient reading of nitrogen gas purity levels. The gas analyzer can be connected to any of the sample ports on the TYCO devices such as the nitrogen generator or a vent. Additional sampling ports can be ordered and placed at any point on the systems where gas purity monitoring is desired.
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