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  12 GENERAL INFORMATION Government Agencies
Coast Guard - Approved each vessel individually Corps of Engineers (COE) - GEGS 15000 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) -
HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection
Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
General Services Administration (GSA) - 15000 Series Military Specifications (MIL) - MILP - 10388 Fittings;
MIL - C - 10387 Couplings;
MIL - P - 11087A (CE) Steel Pipe,
Grooved MIL - I - 45208 Inspection Procedure
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)-
NFGS 15000 Series
National Institute of Health (NIH) - Dept. of Health - 15000 Series Veterans Affairs (VA) - 15000 Series
Bolt torque information for couplings is provided as required by UL 213, Section 18.
UL 213
Standard For Safety Rubber Gasketed Fittings For Fire-Protection Service Fourth Edition – April 27, 2015
18 Installation Instructions
18.1 Installation and design instructions shall be provided with each shipment of fittings, and shall include at least the following items:
a) Assembly procedure for installation of fittings with pipe;
b) Pipe end specifications, when required, with which fitting is intended to be used including the groove designation as Standard Groove or Proprietary Groove;
c) Required torque value or tightening specifications for bolts (if bolts are used), when not marked on the fitting;
d) Maximum allowable deflection for flexible fittings; and
e) Equivalent Length value, in feet of pipe, for fittings intended for connection to sprinkler pipe as described in UL 213 Section 16, Pipe Outlet Flow Characteristics Test, when not marked on the fitting.
  UL 213

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