Page 182 - Tyco-Grooved-Fire-Protection-Products-Installation-Handbook
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Grinnell Grooved Piping Products provide the versatility required in piping systems through the use of rigid and flexible piping products. Figure 772 and Figure 577 Couplings incorporate rotation resistant grip- ping teeth that provide the installer and designer with increased benefits.
 Rigid Couplings
 Rigid Couplings provide rigid gripping of the pipe. They are designed to bring the pipe ends closely together and the coupling clamps firmly onto the pipe OD and also into the bottom of the grooves. Because Rigid Cou- plings clamp around the entire pipe surface, they provide resistance to flexural loads and therefore permit longer spacing to ASME/ANSI B31.1 (Power Piping) and ASME/ANSI B39.1 (Building Services) requirements.
 Flexible Couplings
 Flexible Couplings act as an “expansion joint”, allowing linear and angular movement of the pipe. They are designed with the coupling keys engag- ing the pipe without gripping on the bottom of the grooves, while still providing for a restrained mechanical joint. This is particularly useful to allow for pipe expansion or contraction and piping misalignment.

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