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 Expansion / Contraction
Grinnell Flexible Couplings are capable of accommodating pipe move- ments provided they are properly gapped and a sufficient quantity of flexible couplings are used. Note that flexible couplings will not accom- modate both full maximum linear movement and the maximum available angular deflection concurrently at the same joint.
If it is desired to have both deflection and linear movement available, then the system should have sufficient flexible joints to accommodate the requirement.
                Thermal Movement
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The following guidelines are similar to any expansion joint: It is recom- mended that anchors be installed at changes of direction on the pipelines to control the pipe movement. The thermal expansion / contraction in the piping system can be accommodated utilizing Grinnell Flexible Cou- plings. In designing anchoring systems, it is suggested that the following be taken into consideration as a minimum:
• Pressure thrusts
• Frictional resistance of any guides or supports
• Centrifugal thrust due to velocity at changes of direction
• Activation force required to compress or expand a flexible coupling
Three methods are available as examples to accommodate thermal expansion/contraction:
1. Design the system with rigid couplings and place expansion joints at the proper locations. Expansion joints may be a series of flex- ible grooved couplings of a sufficient quantity to accommodate the movement.

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