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 Figure 702 Mechanical Outlet Coupling 2 of 2
     Step 4. Insert the mating pipe into the other end of the gasket. Install both pipes until their ends touch the built-in internal rib of the gasket, which works as a pipe stop. No part of the gasket should protrude into the groove of either pipe.
Step 5. Place lower coupling housing over the gasket around the bottom side of the gasket.
Step 6. Place upper coupling housing over the gasket so that the outlet opening of the housing properly fits on the gasket outlet opening. Make sure the housing keys engage the pipe grooves.
Step 7. Insert bolts and apply nuts hand tight. Make sure that the oval neck of the bolt engages into the bolt hole of the housing.
Step 8. Tighten nuts uniformly to the recom- mended bolt torque and bolt pads meet and make metal-to-metal contact.
Uneven tightening may cause the gasket to pinch resulting in an immediate or delayed leak. Excessive tightening of nuts may cause a bolt or joint failure. The recommended bolt torque for 3/8 inch bolt is 30 to 40 ft.lbs, 1/2 inch bolts
is 80 to 100 ft.lbs. Bolt torque information has been provided in accor- dance with the UL 213 “Standard For Rubber Gasketed Fittings For Fire Protection Service” (Refer to Page 12).

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