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 Figure 71 Flange Adapter 1 of 2
Always read and understand the instructions. Never remove any piping component without verifying that the system is depressurized and drained.
Installation/Assembly Instructions
The following instructions apply to Figure 71 Flange Adapter. The instal- lation is based on pipe grooved in accordance with Standard Cut Groove or Roll Groove Specifications. Refer to Technical Data Sheet TFP1898 for more information.
Step 1. Inspect exterior groove and ends of the pipe to verify all burrs, loose debris, dirt, chips, paint and any other foreign material such as grease are removed. Pipe end sealing surfaces must be free from sharp edges, projections, indentations, or other markings.
Step 2. Verify that the gasket selection is correct for the application intended. Refer to Technical Data Sheet TFP1895 for additional gasket information.
Insert one flange bolt (not supplied) in hinge section of the Flange Adapter. Place the hinged assembly into the groove on the pipe.
Step 3. Close the flange with another bolt. To ease in the closure of the flange, two tabs are provided. Take an adjustable wrench and place it over the two tabs as shown. Move the wrench parallel to the pipe until the holes align. Once the holes align, insert a bolt. Verify that the housing keys are fully engaged into the groove.

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