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 Figure 730 Mechanical Outlet 2 of 3
Installation/Assembly Instructions
The following instructions apply to Figure 730 Mechanical Outlet Tee and Cross with threaded or grooved outlets. If a cross configuration is desired, the lower housing is replaced with an upper outlet housing.
Verify that the gasket grade is correct for the application intended. Refer to Technical Data Sheet TFP1895 for more information.
Step 1. Check for proper gasket positioning in housing. The alignment tabs on the gasket should fit into the recesses of the housing. Gasket lubrication is not required on this product for applications above 40°F (4°C). For assembly or application below 40°F (4°C) a petroleum-free lubricant is recommended.
Step 2. With one nut and bolt removed, swing the coupling around the pipe as shown.
Step 3. Verify that the housing outlet spike is positioned in the hole. Insert the other bolt into the housing and rotate the nuts clockwise until finger tight. Verify that the bolt heads are fully recessed in the housing.

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