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 Figure 40-5 Strap Outlet 1 of 2
Always read and understand the instructions. Never remove any piping component without verifying that the system is depressurized and drained.
Refer to Technical Data Sheet TFP1720 for more information.
Pipe Preparation
Step 1. The hole size for all Figure 40-5 Strap Outlets shall be 1-3/16 Inches (30,2 mm).
Step 2. Hole must be drilled on the pipe centerline.
Step 3. Remove any sharp or rough edges from the hole or upper housing contact area. The gasket-seating surface on the pipe should be examined to verify all loose debris, dirt, chips, paint and any other foreign material such as grease are removed.
Installation/Assembly Instructions
Verify that the gasket grade is correct for the application intended. Refer to Technical Data Sheet TFP1895 for additional gasket information.
Step 1. Check for proper gasket positioning in housing. The alignment tabs on the gasket should fit into the recesses of the housing. Gasket lubrication is not required on this product for applications above 40o F (4o C). For assembly or applications below 40o F (4o C), a petroleum-free lubricant is recommended.
Step 2. To assemble the strap on the pipe, remove the ā€œUā€ bolt. Place the outlet housing over the hole in the pipe. Verify that the housing spike is positioned in the hole.

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