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  GENERAL INFORMATION 7 Housing / Fitting Specifications
The applicable material specifications for ductile iron, galvanizing and rubber apply:
ASTM A-536 - (Cast Products)
Standard Specification for Ductile Iron Castings
Grade 65-45-12, Tensile Strength, minimum psi: 65,000 Yield Strength, minimum psi: 45,000
Elongated in 2” or 50 mm, minimum 12%
ASTM A53 -
Schedule 40 Steel Pipe - Series 300 fittings
ASTM A-153 -
Standard Specification for Hot Dip Galvanizing
Throughout this handbook, nominal pipe sizes are referred to in “ANSI Inches” and “DN”. ANSI Inches is a nominal pipe size derived from the older IPS (Iron Pipe Size) in inches. Sizes offered in ANSI Inches directly correlate to nominal pipe sizes recognized in ANSI (American National Standard Institute) pipe standards.
DN refers to nominal pipe sizes in “diameter nominal” and is a dimen- sionless designator for nominal pipe sizes in metric. Certain DN sizes (for example, DN65, DN125, and DN150) are offered in multiple actual outside diameters. Consequently, when specifying by DN pipe size, the O.D. (outside diameter) must be specified as well.
When placing an order, indicate the full product name. When applicable, specify the figure number and size, type of gasket, material, and quantity.
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