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Tyco Fire Products Brand
GRINNELL Fire Protection Installation
Grooved Product Features and Benefits
GRINNELL Fire Protection Grooved Products provide several design features and benefits when compared to welded or flanged systems.

Field modifications are easily accommodated with the GRINNELL Grooved System as couplings and fittings can be easily rotated, eliminated and/or added to facilitate the necessary modification.


GRINNELL Grooved Couplings are the fastest method to join steel pipe. There is no need for two holing with flanges, and the potential of fire hazards is eliminated when compared to welding.


GRINNELL Rigid Grooved Couplings are ideally suited for valve and fitting connections, long runs, and risers where pipe movement is undesirable. Rigid couplings provide for joints which are comparable to pipe jointing such as welding and flanging.


Every GRINNELL Grooved Coupling is a union which provides easy access for maintenance or piping system modification. Field modification can be handled easily with minimal effort due to the interchangeability of the grooved method.

Retrofits and Repairs

When an owner is faced with the issue of not being able to shut down a facility for important retrofits, GRINNELL Products is the right solution. GRINNELL Couplings and Fittings allow an installer to fabricate on-site and around complex problems and obstacles. Fire permits are not required and building residents do not have to evacuate due to welding fumes.

Ease of Insulation

The GRINNELL Grooved Piping System is easily insulated with pre-fabricated molded insulation. The aesthetics of the pre-fabricated insulation with the economics of the grooved methods provide the installer a significant advantage.


The coupling housings are designed to engage into the grooves and provide a secure joint. The pipe ends are sealed by a pressure responsive gasket that is encapsulated by the ductile iron housing.


GRINNELL Flexible Grooved Couplings allow for expansion, contraction and deflection of the piping system. The benefit of flexibility can minimize or eliminate the need for expansion joints.

Noise & Vibration

The resiliency of GRINNELL Grooved Couplings and versatility of various available gaskets provide excellent noise and vibration dampening. The engineered design of these couplings provides for pipe end gapping that helps to dissipate, isolate, and minimize noise and vibration transmission throughout the piping system.

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