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Tyco Fire Products Brand

General Purpose Valves Revit Families
Product Family Description

Shut-Off Valves
Model BFV-300/BFV-300C Butterfly Valve, Grooved End
TFP1511, Model BFV-300/BFV-300C Butterfly Valve, Grooved End
Nom. Pipe Size Option Imperial Metric
DN65 w/Supv. Switch OPEN 59300G026WS-Imperial 59300G026WS-Metric
3" (DN80) - 59300G030NS-Imperial 59300G030NS-Metric
4" (DN100) - 59300G040NS-Imperial 59300G040NS-Metric
6" (DN150) - 59300G060NS-Imperial 59300G060NS-Metric
8" (DN20)) - 59300G080NS-Imperial 59300G080NS-Metric
10: (DN250) w/Supv. Switch OPEN 59300G100WS-Imperial 59300G100WS-Metric
12" (DN300) w/Supv. Switch OPEN 59300G120WS-Imperial 59300G120WS-Metric
Model PRV-1A Pressure Reducing Valve Pilot Operated
TFP1580, Model PRV-1 Pressure Reducing Valve
Nom. Pipe Size Imperial Metric DWG Model
2" (DN50) 2"-Imperial DN50-Metric DN50-DWG
3" (DN80) 3"-Imperial DN80-Metric DN80-DWG
4" (DN100) 4"-Imperial DN100-Metric DN100-DWG
6" (DN150) 6"-Imperial DN150-Metric DN150-DWG
8" (DN200) 8"-Imperial DN200-Metric DN200-DWG

[R1]=Updated Feb, 2020; [R2]=Updated Mar, 2020; [R3]=Updated May, 2020; [R4]=Updated Sept, 2020; [R5]=Updated Jan, 2021
[R6]=Updated Jan, 2022

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