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Tyco Fire Products Brand
Obsolete Data Sheets; For Reference Only
GEM -- Nozzles and Accessories
Data Sheet Description
TD600_01_1996 OBSOLETEType AN10 Aquamist® Water Mist Nozzles, Open
TD610A_09_1992 OBSOLETEType EA-1 Protectospray® - 1/2" NPT Directional Spray Nozzles
TD620A_11_1992 OBSOLETEType D3 Protectospray® - 1/2" NPT Directional Spray Nozzles, Open
TD620B_11_1992 OBSOLETEType D3 Large Capacity Protectospray® - 1" NPT Directional Spray Nozzles, Open
TD620C_11_1992 OBSOLETEType D3S Protectospray® - 1/2" NPTDirectional Spray Nozzles W/Strainer, Open
TD620D_11_1992 OBSOLETEType D3 Large Capacity Protectospray® - 1" NPT Directional Spray Nozzles, Open
TD675T_02_1988 OBSOLETEModels F822 Thru F834 - Mulslfyre® Nozzle Templates & Rangefinders
TD675_06_1987 OBSOLETEModels F822 Thru F834 - Mulsifyre® Nozzles
TD680T_01_1994 OBSOLETEHV Nozzle Templates & Rangefinders - Type HV (High Velocity)
TD680_01_1994 OBSOLETEDirectional Spray Nozzles W/Strainer, Open Type HV (High Velocity)
TD703A_03_1968 OBSOLETEType D4-A (Brass) Protectospray Nozzle
TD703B_03_1968 OBSOLETEType D4-A (Aluminum) Protectospray Nozzle
TD705_07_1986 OBSOLETEType G (Bronze) Nozzle, U.S. Navy
TD710_12_1986 OBSOLETEType SB (Stainless Steel & Aluminum) Flush Deck Nozzles, U.S. Navy
TD725_01_1988 OBSOLETEType EA-1 Protectospray 1/4" Orifice
TD730_11_1997 OBSOLETETypes 1 And 2 Cooling Tower Nozzles
TD740_09_1971 OBSOLETEIssue A Cornice & Window Sprinklers
TD741_09_1971 OBSOLETEIssue B Cornice & Window Sprinklers
TD750_11_1983 OBSOLETEModel F800 - Nozzle
TD760_03_1968 OBSOLETEIssue B-L Foam-Water Sprinkler
TD850_05_1971 OBSOLETEBlow-Off Plug - Open Sprinkler, Protectospray Nozzle, & Mulsifyre Projector

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